2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowThe lingerie parade most spectacular of the year came the night of Wednesday, November 9But before that, from Victoria’s Secret have been heating up the atmosphere with advances of looks we’ll see on the catwalk as models Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr or Chanel Iman. Good is the U.S. company marketing.
2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowYou must be seeing a dietitian to measure the level of muscle mass, in addition to the levels of fat and fluid retention. During her daily drink more than 3.78 liters of water, drink shakes with a high number of proteins, vitamins and takes all that energy to stay in shape. The strange thing is that the 9 days prior to the parade just drink protein shakes, nothing solid. 2 days before the show goodbye to 3.78 liters of water daily, normal drinking again and 12 hours before getting to the gateway completely stop drinking.
2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowIn October and learned the news of who would be the model that would bra of $ 2.5 million in the Victoria’s Secret: Miranda Kerr would be the star. A model with a total of 3400 Gems handmade by the company London Jewelers for 500 hours.