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Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2012

Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2012Yesterday’s turn to present their Spring-Summer 2012 the Italian firm Bottega Veneta leveraging Fashion Week Milan. And this is a signature that characterizes it (and makes it so loved by many) is that never changes: Always moves in a classic but modern (without falling into models CARC), do not risk too much but at their audience and likes.

The most outstanding of this collection apart from the variety of colors that go from the living (Orange, yellow, green, red) the duller not own summer (lilac, dark blue, brown, black) are bags. How wonderful! And it always comes to my mind I think of this company savoir faire it has in its magnificent collections cracked leather bags… Object of desire insured.
Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2012The dresses of this type are a constant in this firm women who wear the best way possible: with draped dress, Dreamy fabrics and highlighting the best of each. Gauze, transparencies, V-necks… Long dresses to the feet of the festivals are worthy of note. Lucky Few models will look like this.

Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2012 Catalog: black and white

Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2012 CatalogWhite and black are the two colors for those who bet the magnificent Giorgio Armani for next season Spring-Summer 2012. The Italian designer has been delighted us in the Fashion Week Milan with a sophisticated and simple collection, but no less impressive.

Creations inspired by the Roaring 20, when Coco Chanel erea the queen of fashion, which at first glance may seem bland in its simplicity, but thanks to the game details and volumes are converted into true works of art.

The men cut suits With American and shoulders tailored very marked, and high-waisted pants and wide, with some incursion into fisheries, occupy a protagonist of the whole sample. Refined, elegant simple lines, combined with minimalist blouses.
Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2012 CatalogDresses are the star of all his lines, and this could not be less. Stunning designs with skirts just above the knee, with bulky bodies cancans and in every style, from without sleeves to strapless necklines.

Models that are sure to see many celebrities on the red carpet or in fashion events, as well proposals, worthy only in the most lucid chic. One of my favorites is this look in black, carved in a stunning satin body with white flower detail. A perfect choice for Carrie Sex in New York, Right?

The sexy, eye-catching design of the whole parade is this knit dress, hyper and extremely feminine set suitable for a body only ten and of course for the more daring.

And all the style, combined with heel platform sandals white, black or beige, many of them wide to the ankle bracelet. As for the bags, take the size XXL transparent, white, black or a combination of both. And I can not forget the hats in the style of Coco Chanel in each of the outputs.

Emilio Pucci Spring-Summer 2012 Collection

Emilio Pucci Spring-Summer 2012 CollectionYes, that is the strange mixture has prepared us Emilio Pucci for the next Spring-Summer 2012. The boy rebel fashion, partying most of all, we have combined a cocktail of the most explosive: gypsy dancer details printed long skirts and bandeau tops kind, fringe, shirts that are tied at the waist and long gypsy style that alternate with gothic touches of the 90’s, with its crucifix, a passion for absolute black, lace, beads threaded into the neck, transparencies, etc…

In principle I can only say that the collection disturbs me. At times it embarrasses me that may be tacky, but the sexy magician Peter Dundas should know what he does. Or not? I would like to know your verdict after seeing more of the collection.
Emilio Pucci Spring-Summer 2012 CollectionOf course the above outfits are only suitable for girls who want to draw attention (although I draw attention to it is to be determined), but there are sets that are saved from the burning, such as dresses or lace disco style white to Ibiza. Since then short dresses in gold are very sexy and more than one of them will triumph over the red carpet. We’ll see who dares to others.