Bally Catalog Spring-Summer 2012

Bally Catalog Spring-Summer 2012The Bally Italian firm submitted yesterday Fashion Week Milan his collection Spring-Summer 2012. And I must say that the parade was shorter than has been. Especially if you buy it with the Italian partner of Dolce & Gabbana (Which was most extensive). But you know the saying: ‘good if brief, twice good’. And it seems that it works in the collection.

Although his philosophy is not to risk and always to play it safe, its garments are simple but current. Classic but stylish. Aimed at those women who know what they want and do not want to complicate a lot harder to put clothes or merging but full of trends. Leather skirts, dresses or blouses simple drafts are some of the proposals presented in this collection.
Bally Catalog Spring-Summer 2012We have grown tired of repeating that black-and-white  formula works And very good. That’s why it is not surprising that the firm we present this couple so classic in its looks. Dresses, skirts or leather coats made are other trends that we are at this firm where they know-how are its reason for being.