Bar Refaeli for Escada with new shoes

Bar Refaeli for EscadaIf you already told my mother … que which is beautiful it is with what you put. But if you saw us up and makes us Escada pictures a photographer specialist who makes a living taking the good side of people … the result can be sickeningly enviable as with the next campaign Bar Refaeli for EscadaI does not know you but I would also like to participate in that collective happiness that seems to emanate from near Bar Refaeli and extends to the whole garden and roses.

As you know (our mates said it makes little Fararazzi), The new signature fragrance, Escada Especially, an ode to femininity and optimism I wanted to have the model in the photos because she symbolizes everything they look for in a perfume like this. And of course, she was happier than a girl with new shoes.
Bar Refaeli for EscadaFor this reason and because during those two years will be able to suck from the bottle (and pun intended) taking all the perfume you want and more for home, Which for her is something that helps them sell with her pretty face and natural poses on the stairs rise while picking roses. Also, I think you’ll love perfume because as has been explained as she likes to smell, I think this is more suited than good to your requirements.