Bershka, what’s new Collection in October

Bershka Collection in OctoberHow long low cost to be synonymous with little care, little image, just styling? Since ever, but the weary Zara lookbooks contradict this principle of self season, season well. Poses anodic zero styling, no makeup, looks sad eyes I do not know why I’m here. Inditex empire that spends so few rooms in the image I am as incomprehensible as they continue throwing Dior collections unclear who makes or will do. What we want to spend little, but at least give a minimum of image? Well, do as the Bershka and new fall collection.
Bershka Collection in OctoberTake a bit of intent to garments, to the eyes, hair. What up to no external costs or tops that do not raise less than? All that is needed, a good map, a garment and a strategically placed hair enough. To scare the blouse Brilli Brilli black, but a good pose and look to have saved (and a perfect booty python)
Bershka Collection in OctoberGreat styling. A great way to mix different styles clothing and apply the  art overlaps. Combining a multicolored sequin mini with a layer of flannel rustic strikes me as the best way to tackle the fall. Great again. The art of combining a sequined blazer without being New Year’s Eve and how to wear a sash belt, a way anyone expected.
Bershka Collection in OctoberAnd my third favorite picture, along with sequined mini and opening the post. Bershka If not, I’d run to for this jacket aviator stained leather. But Bershka, as in life, until I see to do not believe. Beautiful marbled combine a jacket and pants bleach washing in tone butane. Again the model Blohm Alena shows her arts, she studied carelessness, his gazes between naughty and innocent, her pose: it is low cost but I’m on the top.