Bottega Veneta for Man Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Bottega Veneta for Man Fall-Winter 2011-2012Peridot Green color is cheerful and optimistic unisex Bottega Veneta has emphasized in his Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 Men. It is a color which I love and which owes its name to the color of olivine,a mineral considered semi-precious stone.

For a casual look, the velvet corduroy pants Peridot green that paraded on the catwalk men seem perfect to highlight a color in autumn. Not everything is black, navy, gray or chocolate. There are looks that cry out for bright colors.
Bottega Veneta for Man Fall-Winter 2011-2012I like a splash of color in the winter wardrobe and this dose is colorful enough not to become harsh. For the most discreet, a supplement will be enough to give that warm touch of color. In the photo above, the model has a jacket for men of the color protagonist.

Reviewing the extensive catalog of the brand, has the same green as accessories a braided leather belt, a scarf, a wool hat, a tie, even male models of bags. The one I show is a perfect bag for work and splurge style. In the 2012 Cruise collection A rectangular shopping bag looks the same color. I bet this color.

Malababa Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Malababa Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012The success of the firm Malababa spread like wildfire. Each season there are more adept at being made the Spanish firm that has several stores in our country and is also sold in other countries, almost nothing! Today, we bring a new Fall-Winter Catalog 2011/2012 where aesthetics of the firm is still present in the faithful: bags, Accessories, imitation jewelry and all that images made with delicately.
Malababa Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012Previous collections Malababa has been a success in Spain and outside our country, many bloggers known pieces were made with the signature and clutch with skulls last year.
Malababa Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012To Fall-Winter 2011/2012 in Malabar continue to offer well-crafted leather accessories more palatable. Handbags, purses, handbags type bowling, shopping bags… all you can do with skin of good quality. Their prices are not exactly low-cost but the traditional way in which everything is made worth it. To give you an idea, are similar to prices you can find in Uterqüe.
Malababa Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012The jewelry is one of the strengths of the brand, as well as hair accessories, divine, delicate and feminine (Take a look at Christmas time, do not disappoint).

Mango Catalog November 2011-2012

Mango Catalog November 2011-2012Yes, that’s all. I already had advanced the first images of the new catalog of Mango and his new challenge: the model Tali Lennox daughter yes, Annie Lennox immeasurable. Everything was shot, proper choice of the model, all means available, the good taste of Mango … and poof, surprise song to unravel the new Mango November catalog.  Frankly, I stay with the party collection, photographed on the model flat and long before these proposals mellifluous and without character. Seeing is believing.
Mango Catalog November 2011-2012Is it me or does not say anything, add anything, anything, much less innovation makes me want to go running to buy a gazelle that article? The choice of clothing is not the right thing: top and jeans as simple hair and a bolero, we believe, is not understood. Learn a lesson from his collection Bershka and October.
Mango Catalog November 2011-2012Oh that shirt lurex and those do not know whether skirt, pants, leggings … is there anyone who would want to buy it from? A new style errors. Will this piece that I showed my mate Colin in particular bet by Mango sexy dresses? Again, set and match for this image. Are you not much more appetizing either party these proposed  flat, without the beautiful Tali, no movement, no life? Something has gone wrong in this catalog and its name is styling.

Romantic Vestidido leopard and graceless styling, or brightness, or inclination to make it yours. A garment that started at least it wishes to see in person. Stained leather jacket, biker, very easy rider and a very appropriate pose. Do you good if brief twice as good? There seems to handle many guesses this new foray into monthly catalogs. Or is it a matter of not having been careful?
Mango Catalog November 2011-2012Is this and the earlier the same jacket? Again to win his image on the plane, again, the collection party. A fabric that is not understood, a dress that is not a proposal that is not clear. One thing is clear, Tali Lennox is fully run and cute, very cute. I’m no doubt the jersey of the first image. The rest: do not understand, do not see it is not clear.

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