Sfera Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Sfera Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012Just as there are brands such as Massimo Dutti or Cortefiel they have been very clear what their style, their customers and remain faithful to them, other brands such as Sfera point to all clubs. Sometimes for the worse and some for good.

Reviewing the Sfera catalog for this 2011/2012 autumn-winter we see a small hodgepodge. The clothes themselves are not bad, but at this time that the image must be shocking and create emotions from the first moment, they should work a little harder the catalog, which is the main letter. So I had better looking look book.
It carries the animal print Because we’ve got, ah, wait, also minimal, well, put a dress minimal Celine style. Give me also some masculine style, A tuxedo with white shirt, for example. There is always elegant.

Do not forget the point, Copy the look of some pictures of street style and we have photos for the catalog (and stating that these two styles are the ones I liked). Sometimes I feel that instead of copying the luxury brands, he copied to Zara, and of course fried refried collection of others, it is not the most delicious dish.
Sfera Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012The same sense of place a little of everything in the catalog has come to see me wrap. Coats to the floor rescued from the 90’s, hippie-style leather jackets for looks and office. Some pictures that can be catalog now or 5 years ago.

Nor do we find in the news casual Catalog: print dresses, leather jackets, skirts flying, wool, all quite colorful, but nothing new or attractive. None of you want to go to the store to spend your money.

Yves Saint Laurent show in Madrid

Yves Saint Laurent show in MadridSpreads, and now attracts more visitors than any other social event. I’m talking about the exhibitions dedicated to fashion, which are scattered ‘everywhere and give the possibility to make the “fashion system” more accessible to all, especially because most of them are free. After the exhibition at Venaria Royal Palace of Turin, One dedicated to Marc Jacobs in Milan, The exhibit of Audrey Hepburn in Rome and the next one that celebrates Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli in New York, It’s time for another great stylist, Yves Saint Laurent in Madrid.

The exhibition, organized by the MAPFRE Foundation in collaboration with the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, has opened its doors to the public in the Hall Recoletos in Madrid and will be open free of charge until the 8th of January 2012.
Yves Saint Laurent show in MadridThe exhibition is divided into eleven areas where, in addition to the heads haute couture and prêt-à-porter of Yves Saint Laurent, are on display including drawings, photographs and films. The show is a historical journey in which, in addition to observe the creations of Yves Saint Laurent, one can analyze the factors that influenced the context of the iconic designer and his 40-year career.

The clothes on display are mostly those presented in 2010 in the Petit Palais in Paris, even if Madrid succeeded in obtaining the grant of certain exclusive items not previously exposed. Among others, it is also exposed the iconic tuxedo of the house and there are at least 150 items. An event as usual must for fans. And for those who are still undecided between Madrid and another destination for their holidays.

Missoni spring summer 2012

Missoni spring summer 2012What a party on the catwalk Missoni the Milan fashion shows! What a feast of colors, lines, loose clothing and spectacular!

Milan fashion week, in fact, presents the spring summer collection 2012 of the House and certainly does not lack the typical fantasy, but everything is made more cheerful, young and carefree. A young fashion that in addition to those of Missoni colors (many, virtually all shades of the rainbow) focuses on cut on the bias, Asymmetry, overlapping to build … dance clothes, Light fall on the body and maliciously reveal bare skin ….
The outfits are spontaneous and are suitable for a girl a little ‘coquette Shawls spectacular mask necklines, dresses with fringes are long and split, instead of the mesh transparent and gives a glimpse of her breasts nonchalantly or belly.
Missoni spring summer 2012COLORS AND PATTERNS
The colors blend: White decided, yellow, orange, light blue, blue, coral, purple and even cocoa, green, indigo. The light organza and mesh network transparent, unique colors, prints and patterns are mixed in a rather patchwork also made valuable macro and lace rachel jungle fantasies.

Focus also on accessories: Glasses frames with colored enamel in metal, sandals flapping, and applications of asymmetric flowers in plastic and plexiglass heels, handbags and flat circular edges of ruffles, fan-shaped earrings and necklaces of fetishes such as waterfalls and small travel memories.

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