.Normaluisa spring summer 2012

Normaluisa spring summer 2012With Spring Summer 2012 presented to Milan Fashion Week September 2011We are off for a relaxing and romantic vacation in Positano, the islands of the Aegean and Africa, are dressed in sherbet colors, you choose the most romantic prints soft upholstery and slip lines on the body.

The collection is told through the nuances of cedar, mandarin, grapefruit and romantic touches of prints that are reminiscent of the Delft pottery or art installations of the Danish Nina Saunders and atmosphere Sixties.
Georgiana draws, in fact,. Normaluisa a spring summer collection very polite but not too naive with handmade crochet garments, cocktail dresses, cotton knitted with contrast edges and lurex insets.
Normaluisa spring summer 2012Touch of Class is given by the optical illusion of the double theme is taken up in different outfits at the fashion show in Milan Fashion Week continues alternating between the pieces: the double belts that are waisted, double the lengths that form the body, double pleated skirts with petticoats that stretch into the hem to the knee, so the dual use of the silk trench coat be worn as a dress.

Chanel Spring Summer 2012

Chanel Spring Summer 2012At the Grand Palais Paris Fashion Week is transformed into an immense sea of ​​white milk rich in pearls and iridescent reflections: the scene is the spectacular scenery of Chanel fashion show collection Spring Summer 2012.
Karl Lagerfel cleverly mixes subtle geometric graphic elements, silhouette traditional sculptural heads and sought work in a collection that tells the sea, its foam, its shells, its fish and a magical world without time or place.
Chanel Spring Summer 2012The dominant color is white with tube skirts and short jackets at the waist, ruffles and lace dresses, complete with tweed skirts and pearl twists of the wire balloon.
Everything is white, dazzling, bright, pearly or iridescent, Even the costumes are a total and combined with small white trench coat.
The models are transformed into wonderful sea creatures where the decorations seem sequin scales, technical fabrics reminiscent of the iridescent shells and ostrich feathers and chiffon, the foam of the sea …. The color palette as well as all shades of pearly and also develop the iridescent pink, blues and black.
Chanel Spring Summer 2012For the evening silhouettes become more structured, complex: the sleeves cut loose and remind the gills of a fish, the scales are working, while a vertical rise on the figure decorations like seaweed and coral.
Even the accessories are still enchanted by the story Karl Lagerfeld laced with silver lame, and clutches bass shaped like a small snail shell.

Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2012

Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2012Discuss Elie Saab is synonymous with femininity, delicacy and savoir faire together to March on a runway. I think every woman deserves some time in their life it an article of clothing Because each of its proposals is designed to get the best out of each. Simple lines, worked and timeless clothes that will last in the closets of the lucky ones who have money to buy them. Here we present the Spring-Summer 2012.

All models seemed great divas of the 50 renovated at the time of today: starting with light colors like white and nude, We turn to the yellow clothes, Preceding it comes the orange, green garments after finishing in electric blue.
Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2012There are designs that have been made to be paraded through the red carpet, And Elie Saab is the designer who knows more about that. Their models are ideal for the Oscars, the Golden Globes or MET Gala.

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