The final look of Angelina Jolie in Japan, all the red

Angelina Jolie in JapanEvery time Angelina Jolie makes a public appearance deployment of reporters and photographers is incredible. Although this time the reason was the presentation of MoneyballThe new film by Brad Pitt, Angelina because the expectation that leaves no one indifferent and Jared Beauty we love not analyzes the looks for celebrities.

For this occasion Angelina has opted for the red at its best, both for his full lips to her outfit, which chose a red dress with simple lines, leaving the spotlight solely on color.

As we can see the actress continues to maintain her figure quite thin and stylish, something that brought out the dress fitted.

As for makeup also can say that it is a quite simple makeup if it were not more players have decided to do if anything to his already famous lips. The red is a color that suits her very well in contrast to his clear skin and brown hair that have led to a side parting.

Were also red nails, color hands often stylize and I personally love it. Leaving aside the particular look of Brad Pitt, I imagine to taking care of our fellow man Jared … to you what you think of the choice of Angelina, Too red, too simple and have been known to bet on red without tiring?

Selena Gomez and his thousand outfits in the show of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011

Selena Gomez in the show of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011Praised rather than criticized. Selena Gomez yesterday presented the gala MTV Europe Music Awards and has been acclaimed as a night as we show, was sparing in wonderful style. She however showed us his many faces, namely eight, from that of sexy diva to that of panther surrounded by flames or diva couture red carpet looks.
Selena Gomez in the show of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011We started with one of my favorite skirt globe, pistachio green brocade fabric fuchsia and lounges. Then, somewhat similar in their femininity, but retro style and pattern.
Selena Gomez in the show of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011The dress Conan’s girlfriend, closely, it must be to rush and do not stop: the leather bodice, chiffon leopard that is beautiful.

Justin Timberlake one of the kings of casual

Justin Timberlake one of the kings of casualJustin Timberlake has become a time now a true icon of style to consider, singer and actor have honed his style to the fullest, knowing can be better used. Exudes elegance rogue always a point in the carpets network and likewise perfectly controlled more informal style more casual in appearance, being one of the kings of this style of street.

One of the latest events in which we have seen was the provision of ‘Time Out’ in Paris, an act in which the sea was close and smiling, in which she posed with her co-star Amanda Seyfried, the pretty blonde performer, with which it has a charm and also takes a couple of the most fashions.

Justin opted for a look informal but no hint of style and good to splurge style, the singer chose a thin striped shirt based on tone blue on white, a great choice to match her eyes. The narrow-necked shirt combined it with a Sweater point cashmere V-neck in the navy edged tone color gray.

For the bottom opted for a pants cowboy cut micro-cotta brown corduroy And to complete the outfit puts on abotinados shoes gray leather worn-looking vintage in black lace. Its grooming was also very interesting short hair as usual on it and beard a few days. No doubt a look the most trendy at the same time right for the introduction of its new film we are already looking forward to.

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