Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012Pedro del Hierro Sport shows us a woman in his online romantic Victorian Antagonists Grunch. It means opposite and antagonistic in these proposals Fall-Winter 2011/2012 we see very different garments, as the romanticism contrasts with the woman warrior, military-style current.
Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012In eta collection reflects a trend in terms of vintage-inspired blouses and feminine point, full of details pleats, lace, ribbons and lace antique, which combine in a very easy and fashionable men’s pants pockets full of charge, different washes and broken.
Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012Victorian style charged with romanticism but an avant-garde, a bold step and modernity that have demonstrated PdH Sport.
Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012Looks ecru more formal in those of the first images, I’ll take the dress that opens this post. Most are made of comfortable casual jeans, blouses and vests broad hair, very warm for the coldest days.Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Max Mara Collection Summer 2012

Max Mara Collection Summer 2012Max Mara is the nth chic classic: clean lines, colors calm except for the occasional trendy colors, understated details. The successive collections from season to season, subtly adjusting the shot about proportions and cuts, looking good by overdoing it.
Max Mara Collection Summer 2012Why “less is more” more than ever, and sobriety is the real luxury of today. Here’s a preview of the collection Spring Summer 2012, Dresses, jackets and accessories for every day, but always a certain tone.
Max Mara Collection Summer 2012In the game of total clean look, love finds a place the tone camel, a kind of purple, aquamarine some fantasy. And then the wedding section with all the bells and whistles, the bags, to give a twist to the look flashy, or even to rise among the crowd, here is absolutely espadrilles ecru etiquette. All budget items for a medium / high, but the investment pays off because the style is timeless. It closes the circle, the dark-red  sea bream to Jackie.

The Christmas 2011 Collection by Alviero Martini

The Christmas Collection by Alviero MartiniAlviero Martini has already thought about how to resolve the grief that will accompany us until Christmas, creating a collection dedicated to first class and giving different ideas for gifts. Find new ideas for Christmas gifts, let’s face it, is a real effort.
The Christmas Collection by Alviero MartiniHere, then, that the line Christmas Collection by Alviero Martini comes to the rescue. With much anticipation, we agree, but it is always best to start thinking about it, especially if they are limited-edition  collections.
The Christmas Collection by Alviero MartiniThis is indeed a very rich and varied line of accessories, small leather goods and shoes: dancers pocket, key rings, masks, night-glam clutch bags, gloves charming. There are even more clever ideas, like the useful cases for iPhone and Blackberry.
The Christmas Collection by Alviero MartiniObviously, each accessory is available with the classic geo print – that made him a famous and recognizable brand around the world – and with red or velvet inserts, totally unsuitable festive atmosphere that accompanies the Christmas period. The price for a brand of high fashion, accessible are all in all, from 40 to 179 euros.