Reebok collections Spring-Summer 2012

Reebok collections Spring-Summer 2012The collection Reebok for Spring Summer 2012 is a riot of color that is divided into two sections, there is the “Classic”, where he fished out by the models of the sneaker store as of 1987 Workouts in pure 80s style, or with the Freestyle Hi sneaker, one designed especially aerobics for girls, with the tab for the thirtieth anniversary celebration.
Reebok collections Spring-Summer 2012Then there’s The Pump model, with the inner tube, the Ventilator which winks to the world of running and the Kamikaze, created initially to play basketball and now available in new versions of materials and colors, from Of note is the capsule collection with shoes made with Basquiat Foundation, which show the graphics of the famous pop artist Jean-Michel Basquiat 80s. In each sport then, his sneakers. But then we know that many people choose because they are especially with the ultra-comfortable and trendy colors.
Reebok collections Spring-Summer 2012In the fitness section we find the brand-new  Reebok Summer 2012, the shoe sole Realflex for running and training, which has 76 elements which give extreme comfort and support to the soul of the foot, and the Easy Tone for women who train and ZigTech, the shoe sole in a zigzag pattern created by a former NASA engineer for athletic performance.

Shoes, booties and boots H & M for Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Shoes, booties and boots H & M for Fall-Winter 2011-2012Believe it or not, Aspen also has a fashion week (which corresponds to this image). And there are fashions that run through the city day and weekend walk on the snow, the mountains or the cottage, as hardy and as cute. Not for me to criticize it, rather I join it from time to time.
Shoes, booties and boots H & M for Fall-Winter 2011-2012And for us, who love the heights of heels but also the rustic, the folk, bohemian, with a touch Arapahoe and a Carrie goes to the mountain, seems to H & M has created its collection Fall-Winter 2011/2012 shoe.Shoes, booties and boots H & M for Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Havaianas in winter – Test your desert boots

Havaianas in winter - Test your desert bootsWho said they were Havaianas for the summer? Not to mention that. The firm wanted to erase all traces of standing firm in the summer trade and decided to go for more consistent and shoes to go to desert boots thus conquering the fall and winter thanks to colorful designs where commitment to the variety of colors and designs simple enough.

The result is quite clear: maybe it’s some designs too simple With models that seem ill-suited for day to day in the city or the countryside and a variety that is supported only in the colors of the tassels and trim on a model that more closely resembles the typical Indian moccasins and in my point of view, inspire little confidence.
Havaianas in winter - Test your desert bootsEven so, he tried to modify your registry a bit by adding (in a somewhat unsuccessful) quilts and padded models both sides of the shoe to break the monotony a bit. It is appreciated and valued the intention but for now we are left with lifelong havaianas for the summer.

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