Inside-B: Limited Edition collection of Bershka Menswear

Bershka Battery is getting more and more. If your collection for years has been aimed at men relegated to a very clear background, every season we find that devoted more effort to fulfill male expectations. In this sense, we find that Inditex firm aimed at the younger has released a Limited Edition collection called Totally avant-garde garments and accessories designed with the modern man.
Inside-B Limited Edition collection of Bershka MenswearI could not check the quality of the garments live and direct, but the input images that make up the campaigns are very attractive, urban and modern looks ideal for day to day this Fall-Winter 2011/2012.
Inside-B Limited Edition collection of Bershka MenswearAmong the basic proposed signature collection are the Lanerie cigarette in tissue, runaway neck shirts, coats with oversized collars or sweaters knitted in thick gauges looking slightly aged. As for the colors used, the gray highlights, boilers, mustard, maroon, burnt and sand.
Inside-B Limited Edition collection of Bershka MenswearDo you or do not look good? Store will have to see what it is, but have managed to input that I like and pretty. Then you have the gallery with the entire campaign.