Kate Middleton poserebbe for Vogue U.S.

Kate Middleton for Vogue U.SNot be a walk Duchess of Cambridge Of course you can enjoy a life of privilege and agiatissima ever dream of us in life we ​​have, but you cannot  make certain choices freely. The shadow of the crown lies, and if one day you wake up and a certain Anna Wintour calling you to pose for Vogue U.S., you cannot  just say, okay I dress arrival.

Oh, no, dear Kate, ask Grandma. What do you think the Queen Elizabeth II? The Kingdom has never liked these things, but Kate is so “clean” and so the girl next door, which could perhaps be a right move to get some consensus especially young people. In addition there Mario Testino, The official photographer of Windsor, a friend of the boys, who would be helping the enterprise Wintour.

Will succeed ‘the couple to bring the Duchess of York on the cover of American Vogue? I say yes. Of course there will be a thousand conditions, simplicity, naturalness and elegance, qualities that Kate and Anna Wintour did not miss what he thinks of the girl? “There’s nothing trashy or vulgar in Kate. She dresses for her age and is never out of place. ” In spite of the many gossips are often critical of her looks.