Naf Naf Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

Naf Naf Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012The Parisian firm Naf Naf, Has opened a new store in the capital Madrid, and has done a nice parade that showed the news for this Fall-Winter 2011/2012. A sample set in the streets of Paris, the city of fashion, who showed us the different lines of Naf Naf this season.

The trends of the new season have a special charm, shown in five different lines: Poésie, 70’s Revival, Folk, Sixties Fan and Les Robes Du Soir. All with the youth and female touch, typical of the brand.
Naf Naf Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012The romanticism of the end of summer is marked by the line Poésie, rustic touches and vintage. The prints are a mixture of flowers liberty patches and cast pictures. In this highlight the range of pinks, beiges and grays.

My favorite gown to wear this mid-afternoon, available in several colors. But I moved that the turquoise is fashionable. You will have already found in stores. 70’s revival is an ultra feminine line, inspired by the 70. It returns the elegance of a woman who shows her masculine and feminine side. Earth tones dominate: camel, khaki, dark brown highlighted with deep red.
Naf Naf Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012The winter version of the theme Poésie, see it on the line Folk, a spirit hippie renewed. The tones are warm as brick, burgundy and brown with hints of honey. Fan Sixties is a small nod to the yeyés. It is the elegance mixed with humor in this issue of the 60, characterized by bright colors like pink and red.

Robes Du Soir Les is the collection of party. Naf Naf offers a selection of black dresses in a thousand different versions, loaded with glamor. His star is the model wearing long gray mini-skirt ruffles and draping muslin carved at the neckline. A lovely design but I see a fault length. In my opinion the dresses must be longer, single storey, much more sophisticated look.
Naf Naf Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012But the French firm places special emphasis on skirts and dresses cut in muslin. Glamorous models perfect for festivities it. The pastel colors are the protagonists with some gray and black tap.