Party Stradivarius collection 2011-2012

Party Stradivarius collection 2011-2012It is curious that still has not reached the really cold and shops low-cost and show us their proposals Christmas. At these parties the gold and silver are hot. Metalizate! Stradivarius commitment to a women’s fashion and full of fantasy for the most magical nights of the year. The key? The brightness and glitter.

The Sequins are fashionable because most of the styles that we recommend the various firms are loaded with them. Gleaming gold and silver palettes and multicolor glitter and much more black and shiny.
Party Stradivarius collection 2011-2012The jackets, blazers and boleros sequins, flat black or come stomping, perfect to wear with black pants, leggings or classic vinyl jeans. Consegurás night looks more discreet. Enfúndate a Little black dress, Mini skirts, tube shorts imitation leather, sequined blazers and knitwear with metal sconces. The color palette plays with black, pale pink and nude shades, plus shimmering metallic.

No need to look only to party dresses. Combine items and original. The Christmas Collection Stradivarius you can find as a bra tops with leggings, skirts and shorts with t-shirts.
Party Stradivarius collection 2011-2012Do not forget to complete your look with the perfect shoes for a night out. Betting on sandals or peep toes or black lace detailing. There is also room for the dancers, if you prefer to comfortable, or better, to change into if your feet are resistant to the heels.

In jewelry pieces with strings and see baroque touches. The real must-have is undoubtedly the style necklace bib beads, ideal to wear with a white male shirt. Butterflies appear as a detail naive, In necklaces, bracelets and rings.

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