Primark Winter 2011 collection

Primark Winter 2011 collectionAlongside fashion week respective brands these days low-cost not refuse to show their new proposals. This time is Primark who shows his new collection Winter 2011 for the months of October and November.

Surprise many feast styles With clothing or other looks, Earning site off street styles for day to day the least in this new release.

More knife tendency for these fall days just begun. The Navajo coats (31 euros) Are hitting stores as a good resource for cold not pass anything these days. For the desired combination Primark is good boots with high heel and multiple straps and generous.
Primark Winter 2011 collectionThe ponchos (23 euros) take advantage of broadband time fashion to keep rampant in looks street looking to get a plus but in the end I was not convinced.

The technique Fair Isle arrives in the leggings (12 euros) Correctly for the fall. Sets with different shades of dark brown fallen turtlenecks and cardigans, knitted shelter.

Such natural or organic fashion, as the marketing manager up every day, let us fringed linen cardigan (13 euros) And this pattern printed with white shirts (20 euros) And repeated pants and belts sheepskin boots (24 euros).
Primark Winter 2011 collectionOf all the street looks for day to day I’ll take it in Salmon and white. A jersey with tiny silver accents on the shoulders with a pleated skirt (15 euros) Of those that did not stop to see this summer. Nor do we lack the room with platform shoes.

It is clear that golden and other metallic colors are going to be one of the most recurrent fashion to party this fall and winter. Looking for a hybrid joint narrow feminine style and appealing to be seen well.
Primark Winter 2011 collectionThe gold will be in the skinny jeans combined with thin-heeled boots in black with fringed jackets with lace tops and transparencies. Snake’s touch brings to this small set clutch by 10 euros.

If you do not look for something so excessive there are models short dresses with gold sequins as they continue with the gold, even down to the shoes, very Miu Miu them.
Primark Winter 2011 collectionAnother is the naïf style that gives us this nude color dress (25 euros) With silver sequins and generous platform shoes in a purple room.

And then there’s the retro style for lovers of world mod. A perfect garment for only 21 euros that covers us anytime holiday. The mean moles (3.50 euros) are a perfect match, as well as Pumps (15 euros).

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