Sfera Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Sfera Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012Just as there are brands such as Massimo Dutti or Cortefiel they have been very clear what their style, their customers and remain faithful to them, other brands such as Sfera point to all clubs. Sometimes for the worse and some for good.

Reviewing the Sfera catalog for this 2011/2012 autumn-winter we see a small hodgepodge. The clothes themselves are not bad, but at this time that the image must be shocking and create emotions from the first moment, they should work a little harder the catalog, which is the main letter. So I had better looking look book.
It carries the animal print Because we’ve got, ah, wait, also minimal, well, put a dress minimal Celine style. Give me also some masculine style, A tuxedo with white shirt, for example. There is always elegant.

Do not forget the point, Copy the look of some pictures of street style and we have photos for the catalog (and stating that these two styles are the ones I liked). Sometimes I feel that instead of copying the luxury brands, he copied to Zara, and of course fried refried collection of others, it is not the most delicious dish.
Sfera Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012The same sense of place a little of everything in the catalog has come to see me wrap. Coats to the floor rescued from the 90’s, hippie-style leather jackets for looks and office. Some pictures that can be catalog now or 5 years ago.

Nor do we find in the news casual Catalog: print dresses, leather jackets, skirts flying, wool, all quite colorful, but nothing new or attractive. None of you want to go to the store to spend your money.