Shakira’s look at the Latin Grammys

Shakira's look at the Latin GrammysAt this time is taking place in Las Vegas awards ceremony of the Latin Grammys, which seek to recognize and reward the Castilian and Portuguese music.

In the musical events not usually see the glamor anywhere, and this time is no exception. There are several famous for which could talk, including two Chilean whose choices make me seem at least debatable, but I wanted to know it already: Shakira.

Shakira, who yesterday received the Person of the Year award at a gala separately, today presented the awards with this look that I think will please quite recently, first because the makeup of the face is too flat and second, because that hairstyle -messy is not your thing.

After the jump, a photo of the face.

I think the initial idea is ill-conceived: a jewel clothing accessories need sober, not overdone makeup and a hairdo no role. In addition, a dress of this color, golden vanilla, needed a pickup because it contrasts with the color of the hair of Shakira.

The first problem that there seems no makeup. To enlarge the maximum I cannot see anything more than mascara and a lighter shade on the tear, perhaps with a brown outlined in the upper eyelid. The coral lips also compensate for the lack of prominence of the lips.

Of course, not be forgotten that Shakira Katy Perry not usually go very natural, but the peach blush, extending to the temples, even dwarfs and obscures his eyes are not yellow meantime. The result is that it is dwarfed and tired.

As for the hair, I go with a certain bias: I never liked how it looks blonde, except with black roots. The type collected is messy, especially from behind. I may not seem so bad with more discreet earrings, because between them and the fuses next to the face, do not know what adds more years.

I do not know what to tell me when you read this, but provides all the advantages, as an enviable figure and beautiful eyes, I had to look like a bubble Freixenet or prefer to say, as if the dress took her instead of the other way around.