The Catalog of Burberry Black Label Man Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Burberry Black Label Man Fall-Winter 2011-2012If you love the casual chic. “That Certain Feeling” where you can escape and get away safely so that traps and lures too easy, Burberry Black Label becomes once again a safe haven in which to land.
Burberry Black Label Man Fall-Winter 2011-2012Trench Coats and jackets, coats and duffel, style “Black Label” gives us for the umpteenth time a line of clothing to be embraced without hesitation. Ideally, I would almost say.
Burberry Black Label Man Fall-Winter 2011-2012So at this point we just have to co-navigate these new pages of the catalog, where a blond Kirill Vasilev takes us on tiptoe and with a touch of aristocratic hauteur in the heart of winter always young. Increasingly sophisticated and highly unlikely, let’s face without blushing, let us down. Here’s the gallery.

Burberry campaign Fall-Winter 2011

Burberry campaign Fall-Winter 2011Burberry campaign is showing us Fall-Winter 2011 with dropper. Each month we find new and better proposals pictures, now, with rain on friendly garments. The actress Felicity Jones British models and Jake Cooper, Edie Campbell, Callum Turner and Milly Simmonds are the protagonists of today’s images.

The garment highlight of these new images is the trench. It is practical, perfect to wear at halftime and very stylish, comfortable as well because it is light, not heavy. And in Burberry is your fetish clothing. And best of all, transparent raincoats that the garment does not get wet, super cool!
Burberry campaign Fall-Winter 2011The British firm launches different versions all seasons in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles, including folding version lighter, leather clothing in washing and double wool lining. In addition, shoulder pads and belt buckles are lined with fur.

Burberry launches Nude female pink gold watch with diamonds. Limited Edition

Burberry Nude female pink gold watch with diamonds Limited EditionThe collection capsule Nude Burberry has launched the perfect watch to wear with the trench nude color that fits well Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The wristwatch Burberry Nude pink gold and diamonds are a limited edition.

Ultra feminine, is made in Switzerland with all the details and materials should have a women’s luxury watch. Sapphire crystal bracelet soft pink alligator nude and rose gold case. Are 82 diamonds that adorn it. The decoration of the area is a nod to print Burberry check.

In this picture looks very flat but is curved rectangular box gives a volume that is not appreciated here. The edition number is engraved on the back of the box. 1,000 units to be manufactured will be sold from December 2011. Coincidence? Of course not, a Christmas in style.

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