New collection of Stradivarius Fall 2011

New collection of Stradivarius Fall 2011It’s here the new November collection Stradivarius. And seeing it is warmth, feel the heat and smell of smoldering wood, flakes falling on the ledge and the sweetness of hot chocolate in the pot. Because the point begins and ends with a dot. The point that women lack the image to venture off-piste, a point which is sometimes eight, sometimes it’s drafting and other variegated but thick, thick long.

We begin with a clones. I have already spoken of the Navajo trend, which makes us Arapahoe tribal members and enemies of the cowboys. And have I mentioned that the designer insignia of the season is Isabel Marant. Then again, winter boots clone 2011/2012.
New collection of Stradivarius Fall 2011Monthly catalogs are becoming the phenomenon “darling, I’m bored. Well dear do a lookbook “And book” And is that the lack of style, little care for the makeup, hairdressing, make you wonder if they sell so they do not need to sell image. Again point again clone boots and a very appropriate choice if you have one of that winter snow and “pregnant”. Want more? Take a tour of the mia tips mate Chloe.

Very desirable for the night in Aspen where the ski gives way to the fun: a great combination of eight jerseys with shorts and leather boots python. A 10-combination carrying a zero. Our boyfriend is a seasoned skier snow but we just we like to bake in December. Well let’s get a quilted coat and boots as he laces and platforms.
New collection of Stradivarius Fall 2011And the weekend in the mountains, direct to the office without going through the house. The best option, combine a thick knit dress with flannel coat mottling.

If you’re going to school that uni or not the hustle, another option to take your clothes great weekend of rest in the day. And one of my favorite proposals. Because it’s a poncho, because it continues the trend Navajo and because its combination with shiny leggings is perfect.

Stella McCartney kids Fall 2011

Stella McCartney kids Fall 2011A designer and mother of four children as Stella, could not fail to have their own children’s line that was created  in 2009.
Stella McCartney kids Fall 2011Of sports style and perfect clothes to wear every day, Stella McCartney kids propose to smaller informal style but in line with the latest trends. It looks ideal for play, spot and spend, no formalities. The print dresses star is the pledge and the point, tissue character, to pass anything cold.

Missoni for Converse All Star Fall 2011

Missoni for Converse All Star Fall 2011Missoni and Converse discovered a common goal from their first collaboration: to launch the iconic shoe with all the Italian style that provides the technological fabrics Missoni. The new Chuck Taylor All Star is perfect for Fall 2011.

In Jared Man we have seen two of his last collaborations. I found the fantastic were the colorful striped this summer. One of the two models is autumn with these horizontal stripes in shades of brown, my favorite.
Missoni for Converse All Star Fall 2011The second proposal is a zigzag patterned fabric gray and cobalt blue accents. Both are printed black mark on the tongue.

Are added to the premium collection of ConverseThe First String, And can only be purchased at select stores like Colette in Paris. I do not forget to inform you of the price: 200 euros. A couple of each? Top scorer in the letter to Santa Claus.

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