The Dr Martens boots much more than punk

The Dr Martens boots much more than punkThe Docs mythical classics and the military boots have become a wardrobe basic in recent seasons, and much has run since 1947 – the year that Dr. Klaus Martens the planned, motivated by the uncomfortable shoes that carried the army and so many ailments and injuries caused them -. His maxim was to create a boot-resistant, flexible and durable, and that if we got it.

In the 50’s first factory was established in the 60’s was easily seen on the feet of workers, postmen or policemen, and the way it began to look for the young skinheads who made the cherry red model an icon of style. Since the 70’s the Dr. Martens were one of the musts undisputed stars of British punk rock and therefore, the most desired shoes for teens.

The Dr Martens boots much more than punkThe Martens have had their heyday in the same way and have become outmoded, although today we might say that they are a basic classical, Is that who does not have or wish to have a Docs. This season the load back stronger than ever, if possible, and are presented in a variety of styles From traditional models, the re-editions of formats up to date, through the latest designs.

The more discreet can also make use of them thanks to lines less street and smart In this special we look at some of the most interesting features is mythical home British for the season Fall-Winter 2011/2012. And do not forget to review some of the leading trends in footwear refers to our special.

The Dr Martens boots much more than punkAlthough it seems a nonsense of ‘Eight-hole Pascal Boot’ is thin and elegant, obvious. A perfect model for the more casual gourmet, which is republished with bright finish pony hair in anthracite black.

The horse hair is imported directly from Italy from Vincenza Pelli specializes in this type of materials produced for several houses. The Boot Pascal hairs are perfect to wear with jeans and a jacket of velvet for example, looks semi-formal with a point as classy.

The Dr Martens boots much more than punkThis mini-collection that we show below is a special project sponsored by the ‘Zouk Club’ in Singapore – one of the fashionable haunts the scene dance, Which each week features the best DJs on the international scene – and whose profits will go to charities and solidarity.

This interesting collection has enjoyed the cooperation of a twenty artists, And each has customized a classic model of shoe, Dr. Martens 1461, resulting in spectacular and avant-garde options are unsuitable  for those who want to go unnoticed, and inspired by street graffiti or Art Deco for example. My favorite of which are adorned with small crystals of the triangular-shaped mirror-style disco ball.

Later that we propose in this first part of the special Doctor Martens are the result of a collaboration especially among ‘The British Millerain Co’, A traditional shoe factory baritone in conjunction with the mythical home of boots military-punks. The line ‘Windsor’ That this has been named this mini-capsule collection takes as its inspiration classic English style shoes most characteristic and updates the image and likeness of Doc’s style.
The Dr Martens boots much more than punkThe sight is, perfect for casual models that neglected casual ranging from versions of the desert boots in tissue suede, To models that are based on those used in golf lords, reaching high boots retro cut. As for colors include earth tones, with supremacy camel hunting and green tonal blue accents.

Without doubt the best to wear with corduroys or Chinese and combined with knitted pullovers, cardigans braided launches informal cutting and hunting styles of a clear inspiration worker, A trend repeated in the most-recent  seasons.

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