Trends Fall Winter 2011-2012

Trends Fall Winter 2011-2012 Back to school has arrived and not only for the smallest of the house, also for the elderly. And is that the schoolgirl style fills all the stores because it’s the last thing this Fall-Winter 2011/2012. It looks like a 16-year old but do it with style and bring that personal touch that you like. An article or add to cause a change.
Trends Fall Winter 2011-2012 Gossip Girl has been a television series that has imposed this fashion, and of course, not designers or firms low cost can resist the trends, and therefore copied. Blake Lively trend-and we want to imitate.

The college-style you can apply to come to the office, you not only feel younger but he liked. American tailored, checked shirts, sweaters and tight pants eight are all the clothes that you can combine your way to achieving the look younger than usual. The U.S. will bring a touch serious you need to go to work.
Trends Fall Winter 2011-2012 If you bet on the short, combine it with stockings and thick boots laces. As you can see, the American is a Must Have of our wardrobe, especially this season. Pedro del Hierro We offer various styles of this trend as American.

The colors maroon, navy and camel intermingle with each other, especially in pictures, corduroys and cotton, resulting in very modern silhouettes. You’ll get a look perfect schoolgirl.
Trends Fall Winter 2011-2012 For more informal moments selects jeans  and comfortable shoes lúcelos quinceañeras. Add a touch more adults with a vest or jacket plaid logo stamping this trend. Zara We also proposed rose plaid shirt with rolled up pants, a style that I do not like. It seems that one goes fishing, but likes the colors.