Vera Wang Black wedding dresses collection 2012

Vera Wang Black wedding dresses collection 2012Stunned by the coup of Vera Wang She reigns of the brides, boss of one of the most important days, it is said, a woman, takes the opposite of itself and the world and decides to launch a collection of Black wedding dresses.

In a country where they take the issue Bodil so seriously, in which the commitment, the diamond and the bridesmaids carried out to the letter, in which a more traditional Thanksgiving with family, dyed black with a girlfriend and becomes a widow. Are your reasons? The know, but what is certain is that across the ocean to their proposals have always been a little well and this has been echoed from Singapore to London.
Vera Wang Black wedding dresses collection 2012Are we as modern dress in black? What do you think? Does this have anything to do with the premiere of the new Twilight? With that said, Iker through, arrival of the apocalypse in 2012? Is it a symbolism that love is dead? I would say that is a matter of marketing vision, we give it with cheese Vera.

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