Zara collection Christmas 2011

Zara collection Christmas 2011After the disappointment of Zara Trafaluc large firm Inditex ahead and already thinking Christmas an exclusive collection of holiday that will have come in the coming weeks in stores. Will it soon? Just today I went out with shirt in Madrid.
Zara collection Christmas 2011Despite remaining, and eventually these dresses look more before Christmas that this festival, the feast of the December 24 night involves many Sequins with different designs. Touch shine but on a dark background such as black, navy or green. And with long sleeves or French.
Zara collection Christmas 2011Skirts also repeat the same pattern. Klein blue, black or the route of the metallic. With a feminine blouse and a good blazer is the set obtained. To the feast heel is usually a basic, but need not (need to know to carry, hold and smooth soles sometimes gives more style than a bad heel position). Zara applications choose the form of crystals, sequins and jewels. All in black rigorous.

As the heel, the feast is imposed clutch and bag tag. Various models Zara with, again, sequins and studs. More rock, less, more Ladylike or not. The fringes and lace could not miss. For my part I prefer the tiny golden model fascinates me. Useful? It is the night.
Zara collection Christmas 2011With so much golden it is logical that Bracelets also infected. The taste for the Vintage continues to be in the designs. The Turbans have earned the most “fashion”Street, who knows if Christmas is also encouraged to cover their heads or otherwise choose one of these handkerchiefs or collars which lack nothing of silver.