Zara Fall 2011 collection in November

Zara Fall 2011 collection in NovemberI was looking forward to the day you return to say that I like new look book Zara after so many earnestness, love of man and trends samples cold and boring. Funny how the firm Inditex manages to convey an image contrary to what many associate it then. In the new Fall 2011 Collections in November there is more risk and that wins me.

The day you leave Zara androgyny the universe implodes. The proof is in his last Winter 2011/2012 Catalog. Although not necessary to go back, before we have one of these looks common in a release Zara. Amazing combination of taste for man The tables loggers, the party and the military-style. It has everything in just a few inches of space. The pleated skirt (Very fashionable) by € 29.95.
Zara Fall 2011 collection in NovemberZara plays clueless ness choosing their alternative ideas and combining them as almost none of his usual audience would. Dressed in black and dirty white with gradients, all with a point to see such gothic boots away. The best of this look book November is in the prints. This floral blouse (25.95 euros) is fascinating. Hypnotic if possible. Holiday with the option of lace shorts clutches fringes gives the somersault.

The party also covered with flowers and like last winter, take the black background but this time not so showy. The shoe of these months is the booty with wedge (69.95 euros). For work I love this set. A different version of the basic and formal black with a touch of color does not clash with a new blouse of the same style (25.95 euros) and some tables shorts (29.95 euros) with a long jacket.
Zara Fall 2011 collection in NovemberFewer risks for the day to day? Then we have the gray and black in basic garments this season. Zara knows how to give the lime and sand. By risk, we leave this criticism three in one where nothing is missing. Snakes including, Which does not say you were not living on the edge.

As if Urban Outfitters they were, Zara plays prints psychedelic or Navajo This season so mixed. The result pleased me much, especially the burgundy jacket should be a purchase rather than recommended. I like the contrast between the formal and the new. A swan-neck jersey (Which are on all sides) with a pencil skirt and cheerful green by flag. Pena boots.
Zara Fall 2011 collection in NovemberIf my grandmother was as modern as Zara This monument would not miss what you want to imagine (€ 29.95). Tremendous. The pants are wonderful plaid (35.95 euros). Achieved even combine this tube fit to take his side rocker with a leather jacket (69.95 euros) And a … denim shirt (29.95 euros). Well, my grandmother would have more taste.

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