Bags Serapian Collection fall winter 2012

Bags Serapian Collection fall winter 2012For Serapian Autumn Winter 2012 will be dominated by sophisticated handbags and leather accessories, characterized by bold color schemes and plots and geometric lines following though.
Bags Serapian Collection fall winter 2012The collection is a real meeting (in fact we can even say hug) materials, leather and different fabrics with inlaid leather, and silk velvet matte, shiny calf and Stepan. All work handcrafted by master artisans of the realized thanks to the historic Maison Milan Leather Jommelli Street in the lab to perform this range of contemporary designs with the care and attention to detail as always.
Bags Serapian Collection fall winter 2012The color choices for trendy accessories for fall-winter 2011 / 2012 are those of precious stones and minerals. A trip to the most remote mines from which emerges at the surface with eyes blinded by the shades of ruby, amber, malachite, taupe, cream trim and lead-up to the new multi-colored velvet. The buckles are rodoid and details in white gold.

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