Calzedonia Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Calzedonia delights us with a great variety of items so that our legs do not go cold and look more stylish than ever. In his collection of Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 you can find lace stockings, polka dot, striped leggings and socks original to the last, shown in a catalog very caring and sensual. Makes you want to buy everything, everything, everything.
Calzedonia Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012The most basic line of the Italian firm is made ​​up of executives socks or knee- carved in cotton, cashmere, angora and wool. Basic and warm clothes you can find in muted colors like gray, ocher-white. This season the trend-schoolgirl style, you can wear with knee socks. The bonds are one of the major details and that I particularly love me it looks like.
Calzedonia Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012Socks also a sporty, ideal for stay at home or go to the gym. And not only smooth, there is also room for the floral prints. Within the sports line, Calzedonia created the joggers, a mixture of baggy trousers, cotton trousers.
Calzedonia Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012Leggings have become a must for the winter. The same can wear the jersey alone with a long mean we can serve combined with a dress. Every season new models, but this year there are more fashionable than ever. The most striking are those of synthetic fabric, which look as though it were a second skin. There are also original details such as piping in contrasting colors, lace, faux leather patches and even print the Leopard for the most daring.
Calzedonia Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012This Winter is a special collection includes eight models leggings to improve different parts of the body of a woman. These leggings stockings and push-up that lift the buttocks or thin the stomach area or even relaxing effect. And there are transparent and opaque.
Calzedonia Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012For you like to go there are several different proposals stripes in shades of brown, perfect to wear with smooth color dresses skirts and jeans shorts. With any denim clothing is like best are. For my taste is very bold and I would not to me, but I know many of you do. The average moles fascinate me. They provide an elegant touch to any look, perfect for work or for going out at night. And very combinable with all trends.
Calzedonia Catalog Fall-Winter 2011-2012Line Dark Passion is the most sensual and elegant. Is marked by the black lace stockings or some sophisticated detail that makes them irresistible. They are the perfect to wear with feminine dresses in a glamorous evening. The sexiest part is seen in refined details like garter stockings or garters decorated with ribbons. The reserve also seen in other dark colors like navy or chocolate brown.