Dolce Gabbana jewelry Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Dolce Gabbana jewelry Fall-Winter 2011-2012The mamma has given consent, the family has the trousseau, the bride is in love. Everything is ready to leave your life Fabio gulf and take some common sense. Bianca hopes but she, proud, want a demonstration of love. And what better than a gem, as I said Marilyn? As well, looking at the horizon, waiting for his Fabio with his jewel, seems to Bianca Balti. Like someone desperate hope she is ahead and has become the jewels of the collection of Dolce Gabbana Fall-Winter 2011/2012.

Bianca Balti photographed by Giampaolo Sgura make this campaign really brings back the image of Loren, La Dolce Vita, the Italian beauty shaking her curves do the cobblestones of the Plaza of Spain. What do you think?
At Dolce certainly right. Not in vain the Balti opened its Spring-Summer 2012 fashion show and will be featured along with Monica Bellucci Summer Campaign 2012.

Both have been seen for shooting dancing in the streets and say, it is rumored that a wave of heart attacks has shaken the city, men clear.

The collar jewel, the accessory must for the winter 2012

collar jewel winter 2012Seen on the catwalks of refined Louis Vuitton, Giambattista Valli and DKNY and spotted style icon of the likes of Steinfeld and Hailea Alexa Chung, The collars seem to live a truly glorious season.
collar jewel winter 2012After years in which they were actually ‘cut’, the collars found vitality and even become accessories glamour can also make special and significant simplest outfits.

Thus, the brand Fefe Glamour decided to dedicate an entire collection to the neck, creating collar “jewel” in silk or cotton embellished with Swarovski embroidery and fluffy voulants, ladybugs superstitious, ladies black and white, delicate flowers, polka dots and classic fluttering butterflies.
collar jewel winter 2012Each collar has its characteristic a little ‘dandy, a bit’ classic, a little ‘bon ton, but they all have in common a certain originality. Elegance, flair and charm, the characteristics of Fefe that once again, after observing the market and trends, has created a simple, glamorous and decidedly feminine.

Leonarda ethnic jewelry design collection spring summer 2012

Leonarda ethnic jewelry design collection spring summer 2012Leonarda Design once again talks about his passion for ‘Africa and ethno-chic jewelry in a stylish new collection of tribal jewelry, beautiful and refined. The flavors and moods of the dark continent come together with bubbles of bone and the part and make necklaces and bracelets.

Copper, aluminum, silver, hand-wrought, forged as small arrows, just big shining stars by moonlight this size only results in a small rounded necklaces with geometric elements, ellipses, spheres colors reminiscent of the walls of Gubbio. Large pods fall Aztec flavor rather regally on the neckline surrounded by small arrows pointed. Long rows leading up to the sides of a composition spread geometry.
Leonarda ethnic jewelry design collection spring summer 2012Necklaces Leonarda designs are able to “dress up” and create the look. The waterfall of metal and bone at times comes up to her hips like a long scarf, as an exclusive object of some African tribes the most mysterious and unexplored.
Finally, the Leo Scarf The most significant piece of the whole collection: a long scarf of colored micro beads mixed with rows of thirty or forty small stones that open a curtain on the multi-colored body of the wearer and lead us, as if by magic, in Nairobi.