Coffee stained T-shirt by Alexander Wang

Coffee stained T-shirt by Alexander WangThis year the coffee chain most famous in the world, Starbucks, Is celebrating. And is that turns 40 Since opening its first cafe in the United States. And as a pioneer and is very popular (and likes it) has decided to use a great designer clothes for this commemorative T-shirts your birthday limited edition.  Alexander Wang must be a fan of the world’s most famous cafés, since he has not hesitated for a moment only design different versions for this birthday so special.

Would you pay $ 85 for a shirt with a coffee stain? If you say so is expensive, but it seems that across the pond do not mind the prices as its proposals have caused a furor. The best known model is a white cotton shirt with collar and a large coffee stain on the front which is the symbol of the string (the mythical siren that we see both in paper cups and bags). But it is the only option we found.
Coffee stained T-shirt by Alexander WangAnd two other models that make up this collection so special. In stone gray and the world map reflected in it is the version that I like, I do not know if she would pay for the price it’s worth. The third option is chocolate brown with the logo of the coffee house on the right shoulder.

In United States liked (Much) but do not know if because they are very close to the chain of cafeterias cool the planet earth, to bring the label or Alexander Wang all together.