Customize your shoes with Sacha London

Sacha London shoesWho has not ever wanted to customize your ideal shoe? And what’s better suit your needs. For this season Fall-Winter 2011/2012, Sacha London comes with an innovative idea and very comfortable for us all.

In a selection of fifteen outlets Sacha London in Spain you can find a unique iPad through which you customize your shoe and design it for you. These ten models you see in 3D, change, and select color, material, details, finishes, plants, buckles … everything is customizable.
Sacha London shoesSurely you’ve ever poor shoes and you foot is bigger than the other, or vice versa, tighter than the other. Well, this is another advantage of this new option allows the firm to Alicante, you can choose models in which the pair can be different numbering.

The application allows you to see the shoe in a virtual way for you to make sure what you buy. Thus, we have a unique design no one else will be able to look, another major advantage.
Sacha London shoesIs your foot very small or very large? All these ten special designs, as well as being cutting edge and trend, you can achieve with numbering from 33 to up to 43, Special sizes are not easy to find in other firms.