Giorgio Armani Collection Spring-Summer 2012

Giorgio Armani Collection Spring-Summer 2012That’s it: you either like it or not. But there is no middle ground when it comes to Giorgio Armani and that is their public is true to form that is why we always see the same thing on the catwalk. In this new collection Spring-Summer 2012 l are presented in Milan INES straight, Feminine and easy decorating the body of a woman who could describe the style of Charlene Wittstock. Strapless dresses, stiffened textile fabrics, suit pants … Anyway, Armani is not surprising with anything new, but still like.
Giorgio Armani Collection Spring-Summer 2012The metallic and iridescent colors are the protagonists in a wide collection where short dresses come together with capri style pants. Pamelas reminiscent of the Cannes Golden Age and party dresses walk the red carpet for more glamorous of all. Are you ready for a glut of divine simplicity? Welcome to the world Giorgio Armani.

The long dresses are only suitable for red carpets and festivals that not everyone can wear. Only a lucky few will have a model of this caliber in your closet. The pantsuit are a garment in each collection include Italian, year after year and reinterpret this pledge amounts to maximum power.