H & M Conscious Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

H & M Conscious Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012What deployment of media, collections, lookbooks, the last of his party collection for Christmas 2011, Spent on H & M lately. And this season Fall-Winter 2011/2012 could not miss the new Conscious CollectionThe most sustainable, natural and economic. If you ask me how to be an eco collection, full of both trend and at the same time low cost I would say it is a mission impossible and not even the Tom Cruise saves us from the debacle. But they do, and it is said there that this time, have done better than ever.
H & M Conscious Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012Grey but raw. I love men but also retro, natural and organic wool and thick cotton and more economical. But above all I want to be fashionable, trendy and beautiful to make me angry. And rage is this beautiful picture and beautiful styling. Lace is one of the protagonists tissues, most natural fit in color and fabrics, rococo as the termination and mixed trend as simple and urban clothing. Nothing excessive frills and mix it with taffeta or satin.

Either you love or frighten you. The printed fabric and star of the collection are for women only bold. Its glossy finish and great Floripondio not make you go unnoticed. Are you one of those that love? Or are they frightened?
H & M Conscious Collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012The point and the wool cannot  miss in a collection that boasts of being natural and economic. Pollution and saving money and spend down our heat, little, thick wool entertains us and gives us that point of the mountain from Heidi reminds us to a Christmas in Aspen. The flowers, better accompanied than alone and in large numbers. And the flannel and the tweed best accompanied by beaded or embroidered details that femicide as a male garment.

Broad is the skirt, voluminous fabric with high brightness and flowers do we dare? Everyone will know what we look like is H & M but you’ve selected for its design but also for its eco and biodegradable nature. And if you’re of the floral print that frightens you, mixes vintage clothing looks more and the total will not you, this certainly will not like. But the look book is excellent and their intention of consciousness in a fashion not to nature Dañel honors.