Intimissimi – Collection Fall 2011

Intimissimi Collection Fall 2011For those who had not seen the video preview and for those who still had not managed to steal one of the store catalog Initimissimi: Output is the new collection autumn 2011. What looks sexy and retro concept that is very fashionable in recent times.
Intimissimi Collection Fall 2011A line that resembles the burlesque and the games of seduction, which focuses more on transparency and on the minimal g-strings, which establishes once and for all the return of the body and corsets. Wearing one of these items you will feel a bit ‘as the bridesmaids eighteenth century, especially since many of the full require careful preparation: in culotte skirt, ribbons, garters and stockings.
Intimissimi Collection Fall 2011A lingerie “intimate”, which seems to revive a forgotten ritual, that features the curves of the body and self-care. That time when women were dedicated to the “toilet” and shut himself up in his room for hours, instead of putting on the first fully available for quickly and go to the beautician to be able to relax, as often happens today.
Intimissimi Collection Fall 2011The predominant colors are black, dove gray and cream, along with lace and embroidery. And the model is always beautiful Alyssa Miller. Enjoy it.