John Galliano Spring-Summer 2012

John Galliano Spring-Summer 2012John Galliano without Galliano. A meaningless but fashion is. The Designer Bill Gaytten has been commissioned to design the new Spring-Summer 2012 brand. Also it has for Dior. The new collection is not lost altogether, Galliano essence but note that the designer is no longer behind her. Volumes, pastels, ruffles and some look to the past is the highlight of the collection. I really want to return Galliano now!
John Galliano Spring-Summer 2012Mary Poppins The look seems to be one of the trends for Spring 2012. High volume skirts, jackets and hats adjusted. The white color is present in almost all mixed with a pastel collection. The pale pink float dresses with ruffles adds a touch of romance to the collection.
John Galliano Spring-Summer 2012The yellow cake we also present in costumes of various styles. The intense blue is the protagonist in dresses with transparencies. The black, the brightness and again almost total transparency is key to Galliano’s evening gowns.