Louis Vuitton Cruise collection 2012

Louis Vuitton Cruise collection 2012I hope you like this model because we Arizona Muse for a while. The last chapter of the Arizona campaign featuring brings us the cruise collection of Louis Vuitton. Arizona already starred in the catalog of this same collection, catalog it was much more appealing than the image chosen for the campaign, at least for me. The image shows a look two pieces coordinated very cute, but something makes him dangerous, cap. Remember that we have already seen caps are back (we have seen in Miu Miu and Victoria Beckham) and, frankly, I have much fear.
Louis Vuitton Cruise collection 2012The other two images of the campaign Louis Vuitton Cruise collections 2012 are more beautiful, especially the forefront of Arizona with large sunglasses and her hair waved in the breeze from the sea. Although I like the green and black dress for the summer of the other image.