Mango Collections for Christmas Party Dresses 2011

Mango Collections for Christmas Party Dresses 2011Everyone celebrates Christmas as it seems: with ball gowns, with formal wear but not too elegant, a prefer dresses, Other pants … And Handle meets the tastes of all of us to introduce a new special collection for this time of the year where feelings are raw. And I’ve already spotted the odd perfect dress for the wedding day (why not?).

Belikov Anabela is responsible for putting together this collection where formality is present in each of the models and their garments: golden-toed shoes, the color black as the protagonist, diaphanous fabrics for dresses.
For many these days is synonymous with large parties where the label is present in each of the events. This Spanish company has created a number of different long dresses and vapors which may well serve as such or wedding next year.

The Transparencies are a trend very fashionable for this season Fall-Winter 2011/2012 and this model confirms us: black strapless and has delicate sleeves full of moles. The sash under the breast silver gives that touch of color and light that the model needs to avoid falling into boredom.
As if Chuck Bass they were signing low-cost We propose to go with the dandy gone to his head: pantsuit joined with pinstripe vest. What do you think? The total look black is acceptable if you break a little color with accessories: Gold toe shoes and belt in the same key.

For those who want to go with maxi dress but consider them too much Also found short versions for these days so special. In color nude this dress apparent simplicity in every pore of your fabric. There’s nothing much yet though, do be just as well with black colored stockings?
Mango Collections for Christmas Party Dresses 2011And if you want to go to the latest in trends, this model metallic skirt in black and gold is going perfectly. I love how they combine with the leather jacket: As rocker style and for urban princess.

The low temperatures being shy this year but promise to appear suddenly and installed for long. Are you ready for your arrival? The masculine cut coats it being more for this season. Do you already have yours?