Massimo Dutti Party Collection 2011-2012

Massimo Dutti Party Collection 2011-2012Lookbooks, catalogs and another marketing paraphernalia should have a reason: to make us dream, desire, longing to run to the store next to us with their clothes, their style, their complements. Now is the time when the big draw has given them a monthly collection, accuracy in some cases, error in many others. However, this, the new party collection Massimo Dutti 2011/2012 is a great lookbook, capitalized.
Massimo Dutti Party Collection 2011-2012Because the styles are great, the light spectacular, brilliant model for this, gentlemen, has class, charme It is chic and it seems to market (note some) Beautiful mini palettes the satin blouse champagne.

However, to lose it before you have to do with it. I encantaaaaaa this skirt. It is only suitable for the most slender figures, if that’s the case, accompanied by a certain height, is not ideal for our next event whether Christmas, weddings or christenings?
Massimo Dutti Party Collection 2011-2012The legendary song rings in my ears as I contemplate this beautiful image. The perfect mixture of classy new, masculine and feminine dandy style and femininity of a leg in the air. Outstanding new style, the image and Massimo Dutti.
Is not that a horror to have to decide each year the style of, for example, the company Christmas party? What if I fail? What if I spend? Accustomed to seeing you in a suit or formal dress ask yourself: take risks, I do not? Well, this is just perfect.
Massimo Dutti Party Collection 2011-2012The love that arises from my heart to see this is I being too eager? Is it just me who loves? There may be more ideal and be more in trend. A look that reminds me of the campaign Lanvin and for much less, we can dress like ladies.