Miranda Kerr and Teresa Palmer: Sexiest Model 2011

Miranda Kerr and Teresa PalmerNow you have something else to watch and share Miranda Kerr and Teresa Palmer when they are made coffee in the afternoon, having been chosen as the sexiest on this our little sexy and super-populated planet. And of course, that’s not something you get every day, right? It is therefore logical that the two are sparking and radiate that joys which angels are beautiful although the survey and the publication has made it an Australian magazine, Who Magazine, I imagine there will be known but to be honest is the first time I talk about it in Poprosa.

And of all the pictures we publish, which has no waste, I’ll have left impressions that reflected the editors of the above when they have communicated the news. On the one hand Miranda KerrShe so humble as ever, told us that is not considered beautiful (of course not pretty, so yesterday went out as one of the most cheered on the parade of the Victoria’s Secret), but recognizes that curves that motherhood has given does not change them for anything.

And our dear Teresa Palmer, Also to eat you out of hand, prefers to sweep home and say that she has nothing but sexy she finds her boyfriend, actor Scott Speedman As one of the nice girl of this century and it would get them most to him instead of her on the cover. Sure baby, now we change it.