October lookbook for Fall 2011 of Zara Trafaluc

Disappointment with the new October look book for Fall 2011 of Zara Trafaluc. After repeated a thousand times how much I liked the young firm of Zara in their visual proposals each month, going in October and cut the streak. After seeing the look book I stayed as is, very bland and boring.

Entry not understands how to mix concepts are bordering on the insanity level. Many tribal fashion, many Navajo fashions but there are certain limits that visually damaging to the eye. This look is one of them. The office baggy pants jersey knitted with such a combination to remember.
October lookbook for Fall 2011 of Zara TrafalucThis maxi cardigan with input from honeysuckle not far behind. See how many manage to sell. We then go from less to more. Back in the day I opined at length about the animal heads on the clothes. It is true that the trend is there this fall but that does not seem horrible to me.

Lucky for me, this new collection has to choose at the time of animals. Lone wolves sweaters that take over large informal style combined with generous tip boots. The animal print not to miss the party and spoil this double breasted white coat did not do any harm except on the market at the wrong time. Poor.
October lookbook for Fall 2011 of Zara TrafalucI think the styles and too basic and dull. This short gray jersey € 29.95 is one example. Instead, the spoils (69.95 euros) I love them. It is a collection full of these designs. Ideas that add to the trends this season but unnoticed. As this burgundy sheath dress by € 29.95.

So poncho here, both poncho over there. What are the riskiest properties as collateral and the rest still do not see with it on the street. What if he wins this winter are the turtleneck sweaters, As this white 59.95 euros. Next to it: the bell jeans by € 29.95.
October lookbook for Fall 2011 of Zara TrafalucThese season transparencies come with a vengeance after a summer with them in the street and last season they were gaining ground. To Zara Trafaluc is indispensable. This shirt studded by 25.95 euros is a proof. And how not: little black dress more rigorous transparencies, mushroom vexes on the sleeves with tulle (22.95 euros), very good buy for the party, safe flying and we see on all sides.