Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012Pedro del Hierro Sport shows us a woman in his online romantic Victorian Antagonists Grunch. It means opposite and antagonistic in these proposals Fall-Winter 2011/2012 we see very different garments, as the romanticism contrasts with the woman warrior, military-style current.
Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012In eta collection reflects a trend in terms of vintage-inspired blouses and feminine point, full of details pleats, lace, ribbons and lace antique, which combine in a very easy and fashionable men’s pants pockets full of charge, different washes and broken.
Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012Victorian style charged with romanticism but an avant-garde, a bold step and modernity that have demonstrated PdH Sport.
Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012Looks ecru more formal in those of the first images, I’ll take the dress that opens this post. Most are made of comfortable casual jeans, blouses and vests broad hair, very warm for the coldest days.Pedro del Hierro Fall-Winter 2011-2012