Ralph Lauren makes a bet on the pattern of skulls

Ralph Lauren makes a bet on the pattern of skullsHome is one of the quintessential American fashion and we all have associated the horse logo Undoubtedly whenever we think it comes to styling head reply iconic as the pole piece, in fact one of its lines is based on this basic male wardrobe.

Although Ralph Lauren is much more than that, multiple lines allow you to zoom to present a variety of styles for almost every public. And this mini-collection which has the pattern of skulls as a common thread is an example of the current range of this recognizable brand.

The skull print returns to the fray at Ralph Lauren and a few years ago and took a collection based on this pattern. Now they have decided to republish some of these items and print skull on left and write Scarves and leather  goods Such as wallets and purses. This intended to be available soon in stores in the popular Rugby firm.