Roberto Cavalli High Heels Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Roberto Cavalli High Heels Fall-Winter 2011-2012At my feet. Careás but have fallen already. And you will about my snake boots, sequins stuck to my skin, leopard roaring in my instep and gold that flashed in my heel. You have no other or not, passes and include footwear collection Roberto Cavali for this Fall-Winter 2011/2012.

If you’re minimalist or passages, if you’re modest or you step and if you wear flip flops or talk to me. Because this shoe is from another galaxy, and only understood it can be appreciated. What these stilettos not stand all night? Maybe not, but the minutes or hours that support, I’ll do it on a cloud of cotton and gold.
Roberto Cavalli High Heels Fall-Winter 2011-2012Red carpet shoes, why not to step on the black asphalt? Now I warn you that supplements are the best way to turn your trend closet without spending a penny in clothing. Acquiring one of these we may not stay more than spaghetti, but we know the most succulent ups on our Cavalli.