Salma Hayek looks different in the premieres of Puss in Boots

Salma Hayek Puss in BootsSalma Hayek is a promotional tour for his latest film, Puss in Boots , which gives voice to the protagonist. The actress has chosen different styles in each of the cities in which premiere held or presentation of the tape. Want to see?

Salma Hayek chosen for the premiere of Los Angeles styling in shades of brown. An asymmetrical neckline dress in chiffon and cut in different shades of brown gradient signed by Bottega Veneta. Perfect!

A tailor in Chicago chose black satin, but the truth, I was not with him because favor was too fair, combined with a red top lacing, which gave a touch of color to look.
Salma Hayek Puss in BootsWith an unflattering hairstyle and a dress that combines black and navy, the actress chose a design by Balenciaga in San Francisco. I do not know if curly hair as golden shoes or dress themselves, but overall the styling is a blunder.

A more casual appearance but very wise was to Dallas. They chose a bell jean, and a simple white shirt and gold accessories combined with esparto wedges.

In Warsaw opted for a little black dress cute. A simple design flight skirt with ties at the shoulders that gave a child touch. A perfect example of that simplicity is elegance. Simply perfect!