Salvatore Ferragamo Catalog Spring-Summer 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo Catalog Spring-Summer 2012We continue with the next collection Spring-Summer 2012 and now we present the proposals of the Italian firm Salvatore Ferragamo. This continues the trend, once again, the Color block hues ranging from bright pink and lilac risque, through the turquoise. But it’s not all we’ve found.

Pants baggy took center stage alongside the party dresses where the gauze, gauzy materials and makes them delicates, Stylish and objects of desire for many fashions (I want one!). It is true that in the forms the firm will not risk much, Stays in the commercial and insurance, but the patterns and colors chosen counteract this lack of risk (there are two models that are the metallic more).
Salvatore Ferragamo Catalog Spring-Summer 2012The leopard prints are presented in bright colors like pink or turquoise, but add color earth colors these garments. This type of trousers and several seasons that are hot, and continue its journey above this bridge so colorful.