The final look of Angelina Jolie in Japan, all the red

Angelina Jolie in JapanEvery time Angelina Jolie makes a public appearance deployment of reporters and photographers is incredible. Although this time the reason was the presentation of MoneyballThe new film by Brad Pitt, Angelina because the expectation that leaves no one indifferent and Jared Beauty we love not analyzes the looks for celebrities.

For this occasion Angelina has opted for the red at its best, both for his full lips to her outfit, which chose a red dress with simple lines, leaving the spotlight solely on color.

As we can see the actress continues to maintain her figure quite thin and stylish, something that brought out the dress fitted.

As for makeup also can say that it is a quite simple makeup if it were not more players have decided to do if anything to his already famous lips. The red is a color that suits her very well in contrast to his clear skin and brown hair that have led to a side parting.

Were also red nails, color hands often stylize and I personally love it. Leaving aside the particular look of Brad Pitt, I imagine to taking care of our fellow man Jared … to you what you think of the choice of Angelina, Too red, too simple and have been known to bet on red without tiring?