The Versace fashion show for H & M in New York

The Versace fashion show for H & M in New YorkIt is less so that we can get hold of it, feel it, smell it and buy it. Rivers of ink are running with the help of Versace for H & M on sale November 17. And we, ready, ready, and we are pleased to show you the images of Versace parade H & M which was held last night in the Big Apple.

Much Versace, many celebrity , Very bright and lots of singing (the Prince and Nicki Minaj) For a parade which was broadcast live compulsively celebrities attending, many from Blake Lively and compys of Gossip Girl to Emma Roberts or Helena Christensen.
The Versace fashion show for H & M in New YorkAs I said always, the collection of H & M is not easy to criticize: it is pure Versace and if you like the firm and its excesses, you’ll love. A round of applause for the tribute to Gianni and we can do ours, for prices much lower than the original and iconic pieces of fashion history.

Its campaign is outstanding and its parade transmits one hundred percent what his campaign showed: in style, in her salon, makeup, its scenery and even singers who enlivened the evening.
The Versace fashion show for H & M in New YorkWe want everything from what he had walked up from behind Is not this girl who eagerly photograph the look presented, the author of the blog Nitrolicious? The melody live by Prince and Nicki Minaj Can we have better soundtracks for your designs?

Their combinations you may seem excessive, its ornate patterns, their brightness too. But what is one run by these means, i-of-a-les, to match a bullet oversize jersey and cape, and this purse and pink studded own Paris Hilton.
The Versace fashion show for H & M in New YorkLooking at the audience, surely these mixtures, these colors and these prints together without fixed criteria have excited. Not surprisingly New York is the city of a thousand mixtures.

How could I miss the black, the gold, the hair? I seem to be seeing his legendary Linda Evangelista in the 90 campaigns. Do we want more? Here are his accessories and home collection.